Rate 0, a credit for whatever you want

Did you find the perfect offer or do you need to cover an unforeseen event and you have no money ? How many times has this happened to you?

Of course, you can go to various financial options ! Some of the most classic are the credit card or a personal loan, but you must be careful with the interests and the commissions , because in many occasions, as the saying goes, the broth can be more expensive than the meatballs.

A good option is a payroll credit . According to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), this product can benefit you as long as you use it responsibly, when you need it and, of course, have the resources to meet the obligations of payment .


Payroll loan advantages

Payroll loan advantages

  • You have immediate liquidity, that is, they give you the money in a very short time.
  • It has no specific destination, you can freely dispose of it.
  • Because payments are discounted from your salary, there is less chance that you will be late.

For this reason, thinking about your needs, Guildenstern developed a new product called Rate 0 that you can use in whatever you want .

This option consists of a loan for $ 3,000 dollars. As the name says, there is 0% interest, that is, you will not be charged any fees on this product, no commission for opening credit, or hidden charges.



credit loan

Amount: $ 3,000 dollars

Term: 6 fortnights

Payments: 6 fixed payments of 500 dollars


Where to request it?

Where to request it?

In UNAM, SEMS and Central Sector only with an official identification, 2 last payroll receipts and   Never have been a client of Guildenstern.

Take this opportunity and achieve your goals. Remember, in Rate 0 no interest or commissions are opened for opening. You pay only the money that was lent to you.

Another advantage is that your payments are automatically deducted from your payroll, you do not need to go to pay.

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