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It has never been so easy to apply for a payday loan online quickly and easily in the face of a financial problem. Jerdels Personal payday loan is a totally reliable and secure platform that offers a pawn service. It is an economical solution leaving your car as the only guarantee and without having to stop using it.

It is an expert company in credit matters that uses an innovative system that is in charge of pricing your vehicle completely free, without risks and with absolute transparency. Do not lose detail, here I present some characteristics and opinions of this efficient intermediary that has thousands of satisfied customers.

The endorsement of your car

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For this company it is not important if the client belongs to a list of delinquents, their only objective is to solve their financial problem . You should only be willing to pawn your vehicle as the sole guarantee of the payday loan while enjoying it.

For this you need to enter the website and offer your personal data, information of the car you leave as endorsement, your current situation, the amount you want to receive and ready.

Once the situation is evaluated, this company contacts the user by telephone with the aim of exposing the best offer according to the request made. The data needed are:

  • Amount the user wishes to request
  • Demonstrate your current economic situation.
  • The data of the car.
  • The situation of the car.
  • Finally fill in the personal data.

Security and transparency

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For its part, if the user does not know the value of his car, this platform is a specialist in pricing for free, professional and transparent. Now, if you prefer the sale of the vehicle, Jerdels Personal payday loan has the best network of buyers through an efficient, fast and simple method. The features that highlights this service are:

  • Registers more than 12,000 payday loan applications with collateral.
  • It has more than 25 participating companies .
  • This company has left more than 4,000 fully satisfied customers .
  • It has more than 5,000 vehicles sold.
  • Clarity and transparency Because customer satisfaction has great value, the service includes the appraisal of the car, which in turn, represents the best valuation of the automobile market.
  • Without any risks. Prior to the process of selling the vehicle on the site, the user has the option to assess the real value with the company’s experts. In this way you will have the precise and current market price. This represents a great advantage when starting the business.
  • This service is free of charge and without obligation. You just have to fill in the brand, model and data of the vehicle you want to sell and immediately you get a quick response of its current value.

Advantages of Jerdels Personal payday loan

  • The data provided is encrypted by strict confidentiality policies.
  • The appraisal of the vehicle opens the doors to credits of greater amounts.
  • It is an open window to better personalized offers.
  • You receive the money effectively.
  • Leaving your car as a guarantee means less requirements.
  • Being on the list of delinquents is not an obstacle.
  • It is an absolutely online product.


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These requirements usually vary according to each financial entity that is chosen. The most common are:

  • Have a Spanish residence.
  • ID per day.
  • Be between 18 and 60 years old.
  • Have a vehicle in the name of the applicant.
  • Have regular income.
  • Have a Spanish bank account in the name of the applicant.
  • Count the proper documentation.

Legal conditions

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It is important to keep in mind that Jerdels Personal payday loan, in its legal notice, establishes that users have the commitment to diligently use the services offered by the website and not for purposes contrary to morals, good customs and laws.

Once registered on the platform , they fully accept to be members of this company’s file , accepting that the data provided is transferred to third parties, with the sole commercial purpose through the telephone, email, fax or SMS.

In this sense, any action is prohibited without the express authorization of the company such as the distribution, reproduction, exploitation and reuse of second copies, as well as the sending by mail or other act concerning the information contained in this site.

Likewise, it is made clear that the user is obliged to use the contents in a lawful and correct manner without altering the intellectual property right and other identifying data of this company. For any reason, the user may carry out any type of advertising or marketing of information to independent persons for this purpose.

This section explains the client’s obligation in response to the damages that Jerdels Personal payday loan may suffer at the time of any breach of these terms and conditions. Consequently, the client agrees to follow the recommendations made on the website.

Users have confirmed once again the speed and efficiency of this financial product . The appraisal has become a strategic option that, without a doubt, has fulfilled all financial expectations for all those who wish to sell their car.

Sure, simple and fast, are some of the descriptions made by other users who have stated that these services have allowed them to achieve important projects through a quick and easy payday loan to request.

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